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Sakshi News Paper and Jesus photo controversy

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Sakshi News Paper’s controversial Jesus Photo
Sakshi Nespaper Yesterday(JUL 13,2008) carried an article in the page no 22 of ‘Family Section’ titled ‘neetimaMtuDE dEvuDiki iSHTuDu’ (The God loves only Honest/good fellows).There’s nothing wrong with the article’s content which was written by Sameera Nelapudi,but the controversy rose with the photograph attached with the article which shows the Jesus carrying a cigarette in one hand which hurted feelings of many Christ followers and lead to damage and destruction of the Sakshi news paper’s office in several places which is owned by none other than YS Jagan,the son of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS RajaSekhar Reddy.Protests impact soon hit the Sakshi news paper management and finally CM and his son YS Jagan had to plead apology from christian community and you can see the same in the front page of 14th July’s edition.The controversial image however has been removed from the E-paper in internet (entire page 22 has been removed) .

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