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iTunes 7.7 download

iTunes 7.7 reveals iTunes Remote app for iPhone and iPod

App Store icon

The App Store

Games and applications come to iPhone and iPod touch.*

Movie Rentals

Movie Rentals

Rent and watch movies on your computer, or sync them to your iPod or iPhone.

iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

Download music from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on your iPod touch or iPhone.



Download music from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on your iPod touch or iPhone.

Apple has recently made available latest of its iTunes software ,iTunes 7.7 more about it..
Apple iTunes, version 7.6, made the new rental service possible. A new point release, 7.7 makes a few significant changes—the most notable being support for the Apple App Store and the iPhone 3G, but the company has yet to address our complaint about the store’s lack of a music-subscription service.
The biggest new feature in iTunes 7.7 is the introduction of the new App Store, a resource for downloading all of those third-party applications to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Since launching the update late last night, the App Store has begun rolling out a number Apps. Ahead of the 7.7 launch, Steve Jobs gave the folks at The New York Times a sneak preview of the store, saying that it would, “offer more than 500 software applications, including games, educational programs, mobile commerce and business productivity tools.”

Download iTunes 7.7 directly,CLICK HERE


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