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Graham bunn—Graham Bunn has left the hit reality TV show The Bachelorette

For once it really was The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever.

I called it. I called it last week on “The Bachelorette.” I’m proud but still broken-hearted. She actually toasted the Graham Cracker.

That moment – “It would mean a lot to me if you read that someday.” It reminded me of Bill Murray whispering in Scarlett Johansson’s ear at the end of “Lost in Translation.” Goosebumps.

OK, I want to cherry pick this season: Give me Jesse’s parents, Jeremy’s brothers, Jason’s son … and Graham. Graham and his loner silence. DeAnna, you brought old baggage to a new situation and now you’ve lost something special.

“When you leave, it ends here.” That’s what she said, closing the door on the possibility that they could connect after the show. That she could pull a Brad and find someone else.

But since you’ve lost the one who makes you feel like a giddy schoolgirl, go for the one who made you cry more than you ever have: Jason. Jason and little Ty. Because they were love tears.

Sigh. I mourn a romantic love that wasn’t even mine. Dang that’s good TV.


Before her hometown visits, DeAnna says of her final four men: “I care about each one in a completely different way.”

Here’s how she breaks that down.


The very first rose I ever gave out was to Jeremy.

He was that person the first week who held back a little bit. On the Dodgers date he really shared his life with me.

He’s gorgeous, he has a great heart, he’s sensitive to my feelings, he always puts me first, he’s romantic, he’s anything that any girl would want. I know my life would always be set with Jeremy. It would be perfect.

(Aka he’s dull. Next.)


Then there’s Jesse, the kid I would never ever picture myself with. When Jesse stepped out of the limo I didn’t know what to think. He’s not like any other guy I’ve ever dated. Once I got to know him his heart and personality won me over. Jesse’s been that guy that’s just changed my mind. Every moment that I get to talk to him something grows stronger and stronger. The more time I spent with Jesse I can see us laughing and having fun and still being serious. He is the only one who didn’t jump at the chance to kiss me.

(Aka he’s a marshmallow. Next.)


Jason I knew he was a person I had to get to know better. He’s just a wonderful guy. I know with no doubt in my mind that he’s here for the right reasons. When I went on the one-on-one date he said he had something important to tell me. I told Jason that I’m perfectly fine with him having a son. It’s actually comforting to know he can love something so much, so unconditionally. He made me feel so comfortable. When he asked about my mother I felt comfortable opening up. Jason is looking for someone who will be a strong presence in his son’s life. That’s a lot of pressure.

(Aka he’s going to put me second. Next.)


Graham is unbelievably smokin’ hot. He’s my type 100 percent. I don’t really know how to explain it but I have this really passionate feeling toward Graham. He makes me feel like a giddy schoolgirl. Graham got the first kiss but I have to admit we’ve had a rocky relationship. I keep Graham around because there is an undeniable connection between the two of us. I just feel something in my gut that tells me Graham is meant to be here.

(Aka he’s fantasy suite material. Keep!)


Students sometimes get crushes on their snowboarding instructor, Jesse says. Something to know if you plan on entering the field.

He’s definitely in his element, which is good since he can be overwhelmed by her and she is attracted to confidence (and unbelievably smokin’ hot Graham Crackers).

“Today at the mountain was so awesome. She killed it. DeAnna is a natural athlete.”

Is that why she fell? Is that the natural thing? I guess it is, when you think about gravity’s reaction to the sport.

They seem like good friends. Just sitting there chatting with their cocoas or whatever. Pals.

“I need somebody who’s not going to be scared to look me in the eyes and tell me I’m wrong.”

Reallllly? Hmm. That’s not Jesse and his dream to go on a “chair lift ride into the sunset” with DeAnna. That’s Graham and she doesn’t seem to like when they fight. In fact, she only has Graham Cracker even close to the line of challenging her. But I agree. She needs to be told when she’s wrong. (So do I, but BACK RIGHT OFF … unless you happen to also be an unbelievably smokin’ hot Graham Cracker.)

He has a nice house. Clean and spacious. Everything is labeled. And everywhere, everywhere, everywhere there are snowboarding things. “This is my art.” But is there room for whatever her art is? I really don’t see her sharing space with him.

Jesse’s dad is awesome. I love that hat with the hair hanging off. “Jesse and his dad are identical.”

His parents rock. If things don’t work out with DeAnna I may marry Jesse just to get them in the same deal.

Jesse just did a knuckle knock with her. Dude, you have to stop treating her like … another dude!

“Are you a sharer?” Dad asks.

“I am a brutally honest person,” DeAnna says.

Fair enough.

“When you look in her eyes, does she look away?” Dad asks. “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

“She makes my palms sweat,” Jesse says. He describes her the way she describes Graham.

Jesse is afraid because of past experiences, Dad says. What are those past experiences, I wonder?

Dad (tearing up): “When he was born I quit being my own person. The Lord blessed us with a child.”

DeAnna: “No matter what happens in the end I feel blessed to have met Jesse.”

I feel blessed to have met Jesse’s parents and his hometown. Colorado rocks. Hey! That’s where Noelle from the London “Bachelor” is from. Boulder. If things don’t work out with DeAnna – or me – Jesse should hook up with her. She was great.


Jeremy shows up on his motorcycle “looking sexy” to pick DeAnna up.

“I think Jeremy was trying to sell the city to me just in case I happen to move to Dallas.”

His place is HUGE. Wow.

“This perfect man, this perfect house. Everything is just perfect.”

Oh my God – that is the closet of a serial killer. LOOK OUT.

I’m starting to feel like a total slob. Doesn’t anyone else have massive clutter and dust issues?

Just give the rose to the dog and leave Jeremy to his bike.

She looks at pictures of his family. It is sad that his parents both passed away. His mom was pretty.

“She made me promise that I would find someone that I could really care about and would make her proud. Someone that she would be proud to call her daughter-in-law.”

He was by his mom’s side until she passed. Wrote down thoughts. Well, this is a different side of Jeremy. DeAnna said she had the same thoughts about her own mother when she died.

“Jeremy and I have this bond that I have never ever had with another person.”

DeAnna meeting both his brothers and a sister-in-law.

“DeAnna step by step is destroying that brick wall I built to protect myself.”

That’s sweet. But I still prefer the dog. Is it Kemo or Kimo?

Sitting with family – first person to have over and sit down with everyone.

He’s first person she wouldn’t have to redecorate for. Take note, Jesse.

Is it weird to bond over losing parents? That’s just a strange form of dating service.

Girl bonding. “I need some dirt on Jeremy.”

Meredith the sister-in-law: “He is an amazing guy… the fact that he opened up to you, is amazing. I’m awed by that.”

Jeremy: “I’ve got to feel that I’m the only guy she’s talking to. … I have to completely deny that they’re taking place.”

Brother: “I’m going to be guarded for you. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces, if that’s the case. Because the last person to break your heart is Mom.”

OK, now I’m worried for Jeremy’s feelings. I don’t want him to break the wall down just to build it again.

Brothers: “We’re not on your side. We’re on Jeremy’s side.”

I love that they have his back. Good. Give her sweaty palms! She said she wanted to be challenged.

DeAnna worried that he is the perfect guy. She is scared to death of that.

Brothers: How do you overcome that fear?

DeAnna: “Jeremy pretty much has all the qualities I am looking for in a husband. … Everything just fits right into place and it seems so meant to be.”

Jeremy: “We fit. We just fit. … She is definitely the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Hmmm…I sense a Shakespearean tragedy in the making.


Jason bouncing up and down to see DeAnna.

He’s so sweet and attentive. Is she into him at all?

(She’s never heard of the Space Needle?)

They got to go to the VIP tippy-top of the Space Needle. That. Is. It. I want on this show so I can do stuff like that.

DeAnna: “I was hoping for something to be there. … I have never dated somebody with a child.”

I don’t think she’s attracted to him. I think she sees him as a great dad.

He still seems like an overeager job seeker. Just give her your resume already.

“This is the longest time I’ve ever gone without seeing my son.”

Daddy! They run to each other! Oh that’s too cute. I love the sweeping epic music.

DeAnna: “That was the most perfect moment I’ve ever seen in my entire life. … Once I saw Jason with his son, that was it for me. I never thought it would be so perfect. Everything would fit right into place.”

He does come alive around that boy. Funny how attractive good dads are. I love how Ty repeats everything Daddy says.

Jason: “I went to LA to meet a pretty girl. Where’s a pretty girl?”

Ty points to DeAnna: “That one!”

Jason had high school girlfriend and ex-wife. That’s it until DeAnna.

Mother, father, two brothers and sister-in-law. Plus kid.

Another big beautiful upper middle-class home space. I’d never be accepted on this show.

Jason is a sportsaholic?

Mom: “When I first heard he was going to do this, I asked ‘Jason, are you prepared to have your heart broken?’”

Jason: “The most important thing to me is the sparkle of life.”

DeAnna named a star after Ty.

They are a nice family. They didn’t grill her much.

DeAnna: “Jason’s family was like my own big fat Greek family.”

Mom: “DeAnna has the attributes Jason loves. She’s beautiful and she has a sparkle in her spirit.”

No one has asked about Jason’s ex-wife yet. She’s part of Ty’s life, right? Would DeAnna move to Seattle so his life wouldn’t be disrupted? Would she expect Jason to move?

Dang it, I’m crying over this goodbye too! “I’m not sad anymore, I’m happy.” That was too adorable.

However, DeAnna shouldn’t just pick him because she likes his family and his relationship with Ty and doesn’t want to hurt him. Better to cut the cord now than later.


DeAnna: “Today it will be just the two of us. It’s his chance to open up and show his emotions.”

They are at his high school. Oh great, he’s one of those guys who relives his high school days.

DeAnna: “He was so cute. I could not take my hands off Graham. I was so happy to see him.”

Grrrrr. Hands off.

In gym. Graham: “This is where I grew up.”

He made her a basketball T-shirt with his own name on it. (His last name is Bunn.)

He isn’t making too many baskets. He looks good in that shirt, though.

DeAnna: “You’re so talkative today, Graham.”

Graham: “When it’s just us, it’s fun.”

I like that about him. He’s not in it to show off for the cameras.

Graham: “My parents are going to celebrate having a good Southern girl in the house. It’s been several several years since I’ve brought a girl home to meet my parents.”

I love the cute little dance Graham did when he said hello to his parents.

His mom asks what’s harder – being one of 25 girls or the one girl with 25 guys. She picks being where she is now.

His mom rubs me the wrong way. Dad seems OK. She’s a bit too chatty.

Dad: “Do you think you’d be friends? That’s the most important thing.”

Hmm. They don’t seem too friend-like. It’s hormone city.

Oh the trophy wall.

Do we get to see Graham’s house? Or is that up in New York City?

Dad: “She talks too fast to be from Georgia.”

Graham talks about how beautiful she is – but what do they have in common?

DeAnna: “I’m worried that he’s not ready for me.”

Mom: “He’s not really had a lot of serious girlfriends. Finding someone that lasts past four weeks is difficult for Graham. He also doesn’t bring people in totally so he’s sort of lonely. Even though he’s got such a broad breadth of friends, he’s a little bit of a loner.”

DeAnna: “I feel like I’m falling for him more than he is for me.”

Mom: “You’ll make the decision that works for you.”

Oh big help, Ma. You threw Graham under the bus! You turned him into a s’more!

DeAnna tells Graham she loves his mom and has a feel for how he got to be the way he is.

Which somehow puts him in Eeyore mode.

OK …

What is Graham up to with his quiet bench time?

DeAnna: “When something’s bothering you, instead of talking about it you run away.”

Graham: “No, I handle it internally.”

DeAnna: “I’m definitely not as closed off.”

Graham: “Why do you think I’m closed off?”

DeAnna: “Is this how it would be when it’s just me and you?”

Graham: “This is how I am, so I guess it is.”

Why did he shut down? Why did he go in safety mode?

DeAnna with serious face in limo: “I’m disappointed. … I don’t know that I can spend the rest of my life begging Graham to fall in love with me.”

Hell, I’ll take up that post. Pass the baton, chica.


DeAnna: “This is a completely impossible choice.”

We were friends first. Now all the romantic stuff is starting to fall into place.

He’s been perfect since day one. But I have to be in love.

I never thought I’d fall in love with someone who already has a family.

I just feel comfortable being around him. I feel like when you struggle with someone you grow stronger as a couple.

Wow, Jesse gets first rose. Surprising.

Jeremy gets second rose. Now no matter what happens I will be sad.

(No final rose announcement from Chris!)

Jason gets it. Graham is toasted. AS I PREDICTED LAST WEEK, Y’ALL. Sorry for the caps, but this was pretty easy to see coming, thanks to the previews.

Graham: “You did what you felt you needed to do. … So this is goodbye forever.”

DeAnna: “I made it perfectly clear what it was like for me the first time, with Brad. … In the end I felt like Brad led me on. Brad broke my heart. … Right now I feel like I was being led on.”

Graham: “You are entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to make it easy on yourself and believe that.”

They are arguing again. Even now.

DeAnna: “I cannot be with someone who cannot open up to me. Who cannot talk about problems.”

Graham: “Your decision is easy now.”

DeAnna: “You don’t get why it’s not. All I wanted was for you to be that person in the end and open up and truly let your guard down. But you couldn’t do that.
I’m saying goodbye to the one person I was falling in love with. … I can’t take the chance that in the end I would be standing there and you wouldn’t choose me in return.
When you leave, it ends here.”

Both crying. Graham turns away to hide emotions.

Graham: “I knew there were some things I wouldn’t be able to say to you. I want you to keep this. (Gives her letter.) You don’t have to read it, you can burn it, throw it away. It’s for you alone. Not for any person, any show, just for you. You don’t have to, but it would mean a lot to me if you read that some day.”


She walks him to the limo.

DeAnna: “It was extremely hard to let Graham go because I was falling in love with him. … I’m tired of dating people who don’t know what they want. Now I’m scared I’m second-guessing my decision. First and foremost I want to be in love. And what if that doesn’t happen now?”


On Grand Bahama island with final three. “Exciting overnight dates.”


DeAnna, seriously.

Oh, Jesse won’t stay in fantasy suite until he meets her dad. I really respect that.

Most hated guy? Is it Jeremy? Something skeevy about that guy.

OK, now that Graham Cracker is back on the market, I say go for Jason, DeAnna. Great package deal in that one: Seattle, Ty, family, Jason. In that order.

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